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Agile Talent

Agile Talent

Ralf Knegtmans
Wydawnictwo: Imprint Media
Rok wydania: 2020
Stron: 192
Format: Format: 230x150x13 mm
ISBN: 9788364299902
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Nasza cena: 51.04
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emember these new rules of the game:
- the selection criteria for tomorrow`s talent could scarcely be more different than the ones used today,
- selection based primarily on credentials, skills and knowledge will no longer suffice,
- it is essential that you come to know your potential hires - who they are and what motivates them.
Executive recruiter, columnist and author Ralf Knegtmans offers nine essential steps companies need to follow to select tomorrow`s top talent. He builds on his wealth of hands-on experience, his deep reading and research in the field and his interviews with visionary CEOs and frontline experts.
If you screen candidates according to his experience-tested plan outlined in Agile Talent, you will be able to select the very best people to guide your organisation in these turbulent times.
This book shows you how to zero in on the right people for the job, with little or no need for outside consultants to help you. Not merely meant for HR managers or recruiters, Agile Talent is of value to senior executives and anyone involved in the selection of top executives, managers and other employees - and to anyone facing a recruiter.
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